Sunday, April 19, 2009

Irish temper flaring....

I finally did it. I stood up for myself!

I got a call from my landlord this morning saying that basically she was "disappointed" that I went on vacation....REALLY!! What? Seems like after all of the "hurry up and wait" I have been doing to try and get this house stuff in order is not working for her. I got an earful this morning about me not moving at the appropriate speed.

When the time comes that I have control over the speed and way other people do life will be much happier. I can only make a bank process paperwork so quickly. I can't make people return my phone calls and i am certainly not purchasing something as huge as a house unless it is inspected.

Threats...ya, those don't work. You tell me that if I don't sign paperwork by mid week you are putting the house on the market. GO FOR IT! Pushing is not the way to get me to do things. She hasn't even completely moved all of her crap out!!! Which was a fact I was finally able to point out.

I'm thrilled I told her in no uncertain terms to BACK OFF! Let me tell you....I couldn't be happier. This woman has been giving me the runaround since I moved in here....that felt damn good! If this ruins my ability to get this house. I'm fine with that. I'm done letting her push me around! I can live peacefully with my decision and now have the gut feeling that this is going to get very messy from here.....

More to come as the story unfolds.....

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